Transfer Email Contacts from Outlook to Windows Live Mail

Here is How You Can Transfer Email Contacts from Outlook to Windows Live Mail

Summary: Today through this blog, I will be discussing the methods to transfer email contacts from Outlook to Windows Live Mail. This blog also covers the best alternative method to transfer /import Outlook email contacts to Windows Live Mail. Also, it mentions why is it  so important to migrate your Outlook PST into Windows Live mail

All emails and no contacts make Windows Live Mail a sheen place. Opportunely, you have made a good sizable address book in reliable Outlook express and transferring these Outlook emails to Windows Live mail is quite easy.

So, before discussing the solutions, let’s first understand both the email clients and their importance. I have analyzed that there are still many users who are unaware of their importance and the need to migrate Outlook email contacts into Windows Live mail.

Some basic Knowledge

MS Outlook is a personal information manager, it is used worldwide as one of the most preferred email clients. Basically, it is a part of the Microsoft office suite.
Whereas Windows Live mails is an updated or recent version of the previous Microsoft Outlook. Live mail offers some extra features like reading emails instantly, a title of the mails, calendar being offline and much more.
Now let’s discuss why is it important to export emails contacts from MS Outlook to Windows Live Mail.

Why We Import?

There are numerous reasons responsible to transfer Outlook emails and contacts into Windows Live Mail but the most specific one is when any user switches his /her job and there is a situation that demands the need of emails of converting their files from one email client to another.

EML format is adjustable and is supported by various applications like Maricopa, Mozilla Thunderbird etc.

Periodically it happens when user won’t be able to access EMLX files in Outlook so they try to open the file in EML format.

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Methods to transfer/import/ export email contacts from Outlook contacts to Windows Live:

If you want to transfer / import contacts from Outlook to Windows Live mail, first, you have to export it from MS Outlook. To export the contacts follow the below process:

  • Launch Outlook
  • Click on ‘File’ – ‘Open & Export – ‘Import/Export’
  • Now in the ‘Choose an action to perform’ section choose ‘Export to a file’ and click ‘Next’
  • In ‘Create a file of type’ select “Comma Separated Values (DOS)“ and then click “Next“.
  • Now in the below list, select ‘Contacts’ and click ‘Next’
  • Now browse and select the location where you want to save the files and click ‘Next’
  • Click on ‘Finish’.

The whole process will save a .CSV file extension at the mentioned location.
This .csv file contains all your contact details and other information which you can later transfer or export into Windows Live Mail.

Now let’s see how to import the saved Outlook contacts into Windows Live Mail.

  • Launch Windows Live Mail and login to your account
  • Click the apps button on your top-left corner and go to ‘People’
    Export 4
  • Now go to ‘Manage’ and click on ‘Add People’
  • Click on ‘Start import’ and select ‘Other’
  • Now select the CSV file and click on ‘Upload’

Step Courtesy: Techni Pages

And after a few minutes, all your Outlook contacts will get transferred to Windows Live Mail.

Conclusion: I have tried to mention all the possible ways I know to transfer email contacts from Outlook to Windows Live Mail. Hope you guys find this blog helpful in finding the required

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